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April 2019

In April 2019 we were alerted to a cluster of new detention centers that had just opened a few weeks prior. All five facilities are owned by Lasalle Correctional, a private-prison company that was emptying out its prisons for the more profitable federal contract to hold immigrants and asylum seekers. These facilities are spread out through the state, almost all in extremely rural, hard to reach towns. There are currently 5,500 first-time asylum seekers being held, and ICE hopes to reach a bed capacity of 10,000 beds by the end of the summer 2019.

This hotline launched in April 2019. It is currently serving Jackson Parish, Winn, River and Richwood Correctional Centers. New hotlines will be added monthly as facilities open. Since April more than 3000 calls have been made through this hotline.


Population: 18+ years of age, mostly male and female asylum seekers. Bed Capacity: 5,500-10,000

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